Tristan Thompson NOT Dating Rumored New Fling Karizma Ramirez

Tristan Thompson NOT Dating Rumored New Fling Karizma Ramirez

Through all of the drama surrounding his cheating scandal with former Kardashian-Jenner family friend Jordyn Woods, Tristan Thompson has seemed to continue on with his life as if nothing has happened at all. He’s been spotted out at dinner with friends, posting Instagram videos looking happy as can be—and possibly being linked to new women. However, one woman he is definitely not dating is rumored new fling, Karizma Ramirez.

Though they were previously introduced by fellow basketball player Jordan Clarkson, it’s being reported that Tristan Thompson and Karizma Ramirez are not dating—just merely hanging out. The pair have recently been spotted together in the streets of New York more than a few times, but apparently, they’re just getting to know each since they just met less than two weeks ago.

Khloé Kardashian, Tristain Thompson, Jordyn Woods

Thompson and Ramirez were photographed inside Nobu in NYC on March 5th after hanging out together earlier last week while at dinner in the city. Despite the two meeting up repeatedly, insides sources say Thompson and Ramirez are continuing to insist that nothing romantic is happening between them.

Sources also state that they have only been together on two separate occasions, at the two dinners, which were both attended by a group of other people.

Now that Thompson and ex Khloe Kardashian are officially done, only time will tell who he will end up with next. As for Ramirez, she was previously linked to Chris Brown back in the day, however it was nothing serious.

You can check out some photos of Karizma Ramirez BELOW:


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings