Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Daughter From Mistress Bears a Striking Resemblance

Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Daughter Bears a Striking Resemblance

Mama’s baby, daddy’s maybe? The internet has quieted down considerably since rumors first leaked of NBA baller Carmelo Anthony allegedly having an extramarital affair. Well, here comes the internet doing its thing again!

We previously reported everything we knew about Mia Burks, Carmelo’s alleged side-piece. She is reportedly a 25-year-old Chicago native who has previously dated Ryan Henry of VH1’s Black Ink Chicago, and rapper Lil Durk. She also has a Master’s degree. Hmm. Impressive.

Well, her Instagram page is now public again, and she went on an Instagram Live rant that social media users took as cocky and flippant. Watch it below:

Also, her daughter, Genesis Harlo, (which we have yet to confirm whether or not Carmelo is the father) just celebrated her first birthday. Mia commented:

“Celebrating my baby’s first cycle around the universe today! I can’t believe how fast time has passed..but one thing is for sure, being your mommy has been the BEST experience of my life. I love you beyond words. HAPPY GOLDEN BIRTHDAY, GENESIS HARLO!”

Is this a reach, or is this child the spitting image of Carmelo Anthony?

If Mia Burks really is the mother of Carmelo’s baby, it’s obvious he has a type. She and LaLa bear a resemblance, too!

Could Mia Burks’ daughter really be Carmelo Anthony’s?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Kellie Williams