Kevin Gates Rushed Offstage After Gunshots Ring Out At Texas Concert [VIDEO]

Kevin Gates Rushed Offstage After Gunshots Ring Out at Texas Concert

Kevin Gates‘ time in Corpus Christi, Texas was quickly cut short this weekend. The “Two Phones” rapper was reportedly rushed off the stage at Concrete Street Amphitheater after gunshots rang out. He was just finishing his show.

According to reports, it was around 11:30PM when several gunshots were heard, causing a stampede of audience members towards the venue’s emergency exits. Kevin’s security team reportedly yanked him off the stage. Police determined that the gunshots were not coming from inside the Kevin Gates concert. The shooting happened within a neighborhood near the amphitheater. No injuries or fatalities have been reported.

Check out footage of the aftermath of the shooting scare at Concrete Street below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay