Cardi B Hospitalized After Suffering Migraines [Photo]

Cardi B Recovering After Being In The Hospital For Migraines ‘I Feel Good Today’

It looks like Cardi B is in full recovery mode! The rapper posted a photo wearing s hospital bracelet, letting fans know she suffered migraines.

“My migraines was soo bad last night. I couldn’t take it. I FEEL GOOD TODAY.”

Cardi’s hospital stay came just hours after she gave fans advice on how to overcome depression.

“I was a lit a** teenager!I had maaa fun in school ,I used to go to hookie parties ,teen bashes,shop in soho for hours..These new teenagers is getting lame they too focus on the internet.Live life! couple eyars from now you should have memories bout yourself not a celeb.”

“A lot have depression cause ya be on the internet lookin at people with these fake perfect lifes, perfect body,perfect relationships.Depression is hard to shake off spend time with friends,close1 or with yourself do boards wit pictures of the things you dream make them your hobby”

Still, in true Cardi fashion she ended her tweets with a positive message. 

Plus, she has a lot to celebrate. Cardi’s latest victory included taking home the Hip Hop Artist of the Year at the iHeart Radio Music Awards this week. 

It’s also good to see Cardi in good spirits after she briefly quit Instagram after addressing her critics recently. 


Authored by: Char