Nicki Minaj Cancels 3rd Show On European Tour, Fans Chant ‘Cardi’ In Retaliation [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Forced To Cancel 3rd Show On European Tour

Not so good news for Nicki Minajfans. Today, she canceled the third show on her NickiWRLD tour in less than a month. As previously reported, the NickiWRLD tour first postponed their Bratislava, Slovakia show due to some major electrical issues.

Just two weeks later, the tour’s date for Bordeaux, France was also canceled for similar issues. In a tweet, MCD Productions announced due to weather issues, Minaj has been forced to cancel her show for Friday night.

“Due to adverse weather conditions which have affected Irish Sea sailings over the last 24 hours resulting in some equipment trucks not arriving, Nicki Minaj has been forced to cancel her concert tonight at Dublin’s 3Arena.”

Ticket holders are asked to hold onto their tickets until Minaj, promotors, and venue are able to work out a specific make-up date.

The production for the tour also mentions Minaj has apologized for any and all inconveniences caused to fans. At the moment, Minaj has not publicly made a statement on their 3rd  cancelation. However, Minaj posted a Instagram story of a text message conversation with details about issues. In the message, it is unknown who exactly sent the text but, it explains how the weather was a factor with delivering equipment for the venue.

“Gee and Jean, please let Nicki know that I’m on standby to fill her in on this situation directly. As we all know, due to weather issues not all the trucks made to Dublin earlier today, in fact the last few just arrived in Dublin now. To make matters worse, the weather for tomorrow is forecasted to be the same or even worse impacting our ability to get production back over on the ferry to make the Glasgow show.”

The message continues with more details on their decision to cancel.

“They only way to not be forced to cancel Glasgow is to get all trucks and buses on the ferry at 9pm tomorrow night. Please remember the promoter for Dublin is also the promotor for Glasgow. Even though he originally suggested a 2:30 start tie for tomorrow he didn’t realize it would be impossible to get our trucks out in time for the ferry, creating a domino effect forcing us to cancel Glasgow”

To make matters worse for the Hip-Hop Queen, many of her fans who were planning to be in attendance are frustrated with the Queens rapper. In a video following the cancelation, fans are seen chanting,

“Cardi B!”

More videos was spotted inside the venue.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette