Drake & Future Team Up For ‘WATTBA’ Part 2

Drake & Future Team Up For ‘WATTBA’ Part 2

Drake and Future are making magic and music together once again. After the success of their 2015 What A Time To Be Alive joint mixtape, they’re gearing up for a second round. They confirmed a sophomore project on Instagram as a video of them in the studio together went viral.

Drake was spotted holding up two fingers and saying,

“What’s that? We gotta cook that up.”

Future also made his way into the video and revealed,

“It’s already cooked. Top secret… top secret.”

Interestingly enough, Future just dropped a new album in January. He spoke on it in an interview and said,

“I really don’t have features. Probably only have like one feature.The documentary is all about me. They have been following me for like 7 years. My kids are like 1-year-old. At first it started off like a series, for like 2 years. Then they started following me on another tour. Forgot my first tour but it was like the Purple Rain tour then it was like Summer 16. After that, they said we’ll just make it into something. I haven’t seen it. I seen the clips.”

When asked if Drake would make an appearance, he said,


It looks like he might have been holding off on working with the Canadian rapper until they release their second mixtape together.


Drake is also staying busy as he’s on the Assassination Vacation tour.

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Authored by: Char