EXCLUSIVE: Salt-N-Pepa Explains Their Return To Reality TV

EXCLUSIVE: Salt-N-Pepa Explains Their Return To Reality TV

Iconic female hip-hop group Salt-N-Pepa have given us multi-platinum hit songs and albums dating back over 30 years. Now, the legends are gearing up for their second spin on reality TV, courtesy of the new BET series Ladies’ Night.

Salt-N-Pepa are joining forces with female R&B group SWV on the upcoming BET docuseries Ladies’ Night, which follows the music legends as both groups go through the process of embarking on a national tour. The ladies must also create, choreograph and execute a performance night featuring all of their iconic hit songs.


In an exclusive interview with theJasmineBRAND, Salt-N-Pepa sans DJ Spinderella, opened up about what fans can expect.

On who came up with the idea for the Ladies’ Night series:

Pepa: “Well, you know it’s all ladies and um, you know I actually remember when the show came around. It was brought to me to collaborate on, how to do something with groups that’s iconic with Salt-N-Pepa. And I wanted to do something a little bit more. So, it was like, ‘Salt-N-Pepa, SWV,’ we were trying to think of what iconic group with Salt-N-Pepa and SWV that could be empowering, make that point out there that was missing, and it was perfect. And then everyone was like, ‘we’re on board,’ Salt-N-Pepa, SWV. So, within…the Salt-N-Pepa camp.”

On what fans can expect from the show:

Pepa: “You know, it’s a lot to tune in. It’s like, actually bringing these groups together, right? And um, our experience. First of all, we have problems within the group and to show how, when you are in a group, things that can go down, good and bad. And you have a problem within your own camp sometimes, like sister love. And then you have your other women, coming together, collaborating, becoming one and that’s the challenge. It’s hard, it’s great, it’s empowering and it’s just showing how to sustain, keep pushing it, keep doing it and their advice, you know? And how this thing can work as women in this music industry.”


On what’s different now from their previous reality show, 2007’s The Salt-N-Pepa Show:

Salt: “Well me, I’m personally a little gun shy for reality television, ‘The Salt-N-Pepa Show’ was very difficult for me, but we had broken up. I was gone for like 10 years and when we were on the show, we actually did therapy with Iyanla Vanzant. So, the good thing that cam out of that show was being vulnerable, cause people were wondering what happened to Salt-N-Pepa, answering that question for our fans, but then also turning around and showing them what did happen and fixing it. You know, and coming back together and learning to communicate. So, jump to I don’t know how many years later. That was 2007. So, when Pep called me about the ‘Ladies’ Night’ show, again, I was gun shy. For me, I said yes because I wanted to, like Pep said, show the world, you know, our vulnerability. Some women are going through divorces, so we’re relating in that way. Showing how difficult and challenging it can be to be in a group and wonder why groups break up. You get to see the things that come up that might be a challenge and how do we overcome those challenges. This is the first time that Salt-N-Pepa has ever been on tour with women.”

Watch the full interview below. Correspondent Neffy Anderson.

Ladies’ Night featuring Salt-N-Pepa and SWV premieres on BET April 30th at 10PM.

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Authored by: Danielle Jennings