John Singleton’s Daughter & Mother At Odds Over Who Will Manage Business Affairs

John Singleton’s Daughter & Mother At Odds Over Who Will Manage Business Affairs

While John Singleton receives treatment after suffering a massive stroke, his family is said to be at odds. Apparently, one of his daughters, Cleopatra Singleton, called out his mother for allegedly lying about his health condition, according to reports.

In court documents Cleopatra claimed that, despite reports, the director isn’t in a coma and that his health is getting better each day. Interestingly enough, his mother, Sheila, filed her own court documents that said that John had a

“major stroke.”

John Singleton

Reportedly the two are at odds over Sheila’s desire to have conservatorship so she can manage his business affairs. Cleopatra said she’s convinced Sheila doesn’t have his best interest at heart and hasn’t been the best business manager for John, particularly concerning his children. She added that Sheila has told her she plans to liquidate John’s assets so his kids won’t get any of his funds.

Cleopatra also said in court documents,

“My father’s allowed his mother to stay in that position out of fear and obligation to her as she’s bullied and abandoned my father since he was a small child, leaving him emotionally defenseless.”

John Singleton, Taraji P. Henson, Will Packer and James Lopez

As previously reported that John suffered a stroke Saturday. His family released a joint statement and said,

“On Wednesday, April 17th our beloved son/father, John Singleton, suffered a stroke while at the hospital. John is currently in the ICU and under great medical care. We ask that privacy be given to him and our family at this time and appreciate all of the prayers that have been pouring in from his fans, friends and colleagues. Thank you, The Singleton Family”

John is an Oscar-nominated director who has been the pillar of many films like Boyz II Men and Poetic Justice. 

Prayers for his full recovery!

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