Stevie J Alludes To Joseline Not Allowing Him See Their Daughter Bonnie Bella [VIDEO]

Stevie J Alludes To Joseline Not Allowing Him See Their Daughter Bonnie Bella [VIDEO]

Joseline Hernandez might not be a cast member on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta anymore, but the drama between she and her ex Stevie J is still going strong.

Stevie J gave an update with a video and said he and his daughter from a previous relationship, Sadé Jordan, were leaving Miami after being denied access to his and Hernandez’s daughter, Bonnie Bella. From the clip, it sounded as if Stevie J was scheduled to pick up the child but was rejected.

“We came to Miami to pick up somebody, but somebody had a long night of something and don’t want to meet us.”

He revealed this isn’t the first (or second) time this has happened.

“For the fifth time in Miami… This is the fifth time we’ve been here to pick up you know who but we can’t get her.”

He went on to imply he’ll have to go a different route and take serious action.

“I was trying to avoid the unnecessary, but… the necessary has to occur.”

Hernandez has yet to respond to Stevie J publicly. But she did share a couple of cryptic tweets.

In May of last year, Hernandez was granted primary physical custody and they were both granted joint legal custody. Stevie J was also awarded to pay Hernandez $1,000 a month in child support after they both reported their monthly incomes as $30,000. They were also ordered not to talk badly about one another on social media or in front of their daughter.

Stevie J and Hernandez had quite the tumultuous relationship on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. They seemed to call it quits for good last summer, just before Stevie announced that he married singer Faith Evans.

Stevie J, Faith Evans

Hernandez didn’t seem too impressed by the news and tried to imply that Stevie J had just asked her to marry him.

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Authored by: Char Patterson