Lil Nas X Gifts Billy Ray Cyrus A Maserati [VIDEO]

Lil’ Nas X Gifts Billy Ray Cyrus w/ Maserati Car After Seven Weeks As Number One

Rapper Lil’ Nas X (real name Montero Hill) and his cross over smash record ‘Old Town Road,’ have remained on top of the charts topping Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. To celebrate their hit record being number one for seven weeks, the 20-year-old rapper teamed up with Postmates on Tuesday and delivered Country music star, Bill Ray Cyrus with a $125,000 Maserati Sports Car as a gift. In a video, Nas X takes a trip in the convertible with the top down to Cyrus’ home in Los Angeles. He says,

“We’re about to pull up on Billy Ray Cyrus’ crib and I’m ‘Postmating’ him a gift. We’re going to see what that is pretty soon.”

When he leads Cyrus to the driveway, he reveals his gift to Cyrus saying

“‘Old Town Road’ is number one [for] seven weeks.”

A stunned and shocked Cyrus asks,

“Are you kidding me? Are you serious? Whoah, we may not come back, man.”

Since the release of the pairs visual for ‘Old Town Road,’ last week, currently the song has 50 million plays on YouTube. In a recent interview, Nas X talks how he created his vision of the hit record,

“I was like, ‘I gotta make it short, I gotta make it catchy, I gotta have quotable lines that people want to use as captions.’?Especially with the ‘horses in the back’ line, I was like, ‘This is something people are gonna say every day.’ ”

As previously reported, Nas X teamed up with popular denim line, Wrangler, for his own line. Wrangler announced the news on Instagram.

”Psst… It’s an instant hit. Introducing the new Wrangler Lil Nas X Collection.”

Check out the official video below:

Authored by: Gregory Molette