Rah Ali Is Still At A ‘Lost For Words’ After Losing Infant Daughter

Rah Ali

Rah Ali Is Still At A ‘Lost For Words’ After Losing Infant Daughter

Our hearts are still with Rah Ali after the loss of her baby recently. The star updated fans and said she’s still in shock after the incredibly sad and unfortunate news.

She shared a photo of herself on Instagram and wrote,

“Lost for words…but thank you.”

She also thanked fans for their support  just days after her interview was released. In that conversation, Rah Ali opened up for the first time about her daughter after she prematurely at five months gestation. Unfortunately, the baby girl, who was named Sanaa, didn’t make it. Ali wrote on Instagram,

“I want to thank every single one of you for the hundreds of emails, dm’s, text and calls. I never thought I’d find solace in that but it truly has helped me reading your stories and knowing I have your love and support. Working on finding my purpose again so that I too may be able to help someone who’s experienced this loss.”

She also shared a maternity photo and said,

“Despite the outcome, I still want to thank my friends for assisting me with this shoot. Your work wasn’t in vain, as we forever have the memories. Thank You @People For Your Continued Support #BabySanaa #ILoveYou

In her chat with PEOPLE, Ali said,

“I held her… and she slept in the room with us until the morning when they took her away. I felt like I lost my soul. Every single day, I would get up and feel her kicking and I would talk to her. Not like a baby, but like a person. I would say, ‘What are we eating this morning?’ Or, ‘Okay you’re getting agitated and feisty. I know you’re hungry and I’m going to eat something.’

“Our bond was so strong. Maybe because God knew I would never be able to experience it. I just felt so connected to her.”

Continued prayers for Rah Ali as she goes through this extremely difficult time.

Authored by: Char Patterson