Drake Is In Album Mode, While Vacaying In Turks & Caicos [Photos]

Drake Is In Album Mode, While Vacaying In Turks & Caicos [Photos]

The NBA troll King is back putting his new found focus on new music as he is working on a new album for 2019. The 6 God rapper has switched from his high of celebrating his Toronto Raptors first championship win, dropping ‘The Best in the World’ Pack apparel, to posting his classy, Caribbean island vibe photos, teasing new music is on the way!

In one photo, Drake was photographed in what seems to be his home office with a giant self portrait of R&B diva Beyonce in the background. Could this be a sign he is collaborating with Queen B on his next single? Many of the captions simply read,

“Album Mode. A series of photos by Jamil G. Shere,” 

In another photo, the rapper was photographed on a tennis court while holding a full glass of expensive wine as he wore a fitting black shirt that reads, “Freaknik, Atlanta.”

He’s seen in another photo enjoying the waves on a beach in the Caribbean in his all black swim trucks, still flexing for the gram with a diamond bracelet, showing off his chest and arm ink.

While out on the green, Drake takes a pose with his golf club for the camera while wearing a designer durag as he pins his golf ball to the ground.

Earlier this week, Drake made headlines as reports surfaced that he made a settlement in his sexual assault case involving Instagram model, Layla Lace. Documents detail a statement from Layla, claiming she received $350,00 from Drake to settle a sexual assault claim. Her statement gives this graphic account:

“I, Laquana Morris signed a retainer agreement with Alexander Cabereiras on January 23, 2018. I explained to him that I was sexually assaulted by the rapper Drake.”

She continued:

“…How Drake forced me to perform oral on him. It wasn’t your ordinary oral it was more so a fetish where he measured a cup and demanded that I spit in the cup until he had measured it. Afterward he dumped the spit on my face repeating, ‘I wanna see your face messy.’ Being that the incident happening in Manchester UK I had to file a police report over there. I called the Manchester Police Department in June 2017.”

The lead investigator on the case, allegedly, emailed Layla Lace explaining that Drake wasn’t prosecuted due to a lack of a “100% conviction.” Sources close to Drake say her story

“simply isn’t true.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette