NFL Star Cam Newton Offers Airline Passenger $1,500 For Extra Leg Room On Flight [VIDEO]

NFL Star Cam Newton Offers Airline Passenger $1,500 For Extra Leg Room On Flight [VIDEO]

Access Denied! Carolina Panthers superstar quarterback, Cam Newton was denied after offering a substantial amount of money for extra leg room on their 10 hour flight to Paris. According to reports, Newton was on his way to Paris Fashion Week when he discovered his seat was particularly awkward for a 6’5, 245 lb NFL player. In a video captured by another passenger, Newton is seen in mid conversation with a male passenger trying to make a deal for his extra leg room seat. As Newton pledged his case, the passenger shakes his head and tells Newton,


Tickets from Charlotte to Paris usually cost less than $2,000 per passenger for an economy seat. Although, the cheapest business class ticket costs more than $5,000 a pop.

Despite the limited legroom on their flight, Newton made it to Paris, legs and all. The 3-time NFL Pro Bowler took a photo as he hung out with Oklahoma Thunder superstar guard, Russell Westbrook.

Earlier this year, Newton revealed he would be giving up a few things on his way to recovery from shoulder surgery. In February, the QB says he cut out eating all meats. For the month of March, he dedicated his comeback to not have sex. He explained during a press conference:

“In March, I hope this is an adult crowd, it looks like it is, no climax.”

Newton continued,

“Straight up. I’m going through a transition right now, like, where… I wanted it to be challenging. I’m coming off shoulder surgery.”

The quarterback says that his celibacy will help make his mentally prepare for the upcoming season.

“It’s hard, amongst other things. It’s challenging. For me, doing certain things that challenge me during the off-season that I can’t necessary do, so now, it makes my mind stronger. I feel like, if I go back and I say, I did those things, I’m mentally stronger.”

Ironically, Newton and long-time girlfriend Kia Proctor are reportedly expecting baby number four, less than a year after their son was born.

Last July, Newton and Proctor welcomed a baby boy named Camidas Swain Newton, who joins the couple’s 1-year-old daughter Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton and 2-year-old son Chosen Sebastian Newton.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette