Kobe Bryant Didn’t Pressure Helicopter Pilot To Take Trip Ahead Of Crash, Officials Say + Cause Of Crash Revealed

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Didn’t Pressure Helicopter Pilot To Take Trip Ahead Of Crash, Officials Say + Cause Of Crash Revealed

The cause of the fatal helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna Bryant, and seven other victims, has been revealed.

Investigators have first determined the late NBA legend didn’t pressure the helicopter pilot, Ara Zobayanto fly in bad weather conditions ahead of the crash on Jan. 26th. At the same time, Ara Zobayan is believed to have possibly put pressure on himself to make the trip. An NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) official said,

“The pilot took pride in these positions with both the client and Island Express. They had a good relationship with the client and likely did not want to disappoint them by not completing the flight. This self-induced pressure can adversely affect pilot decision-making and judgment,”

Reports found:

“There was no evidence that Island Express, the air charter broker or the client [Kobe Bryant] placed pressure on the pilot to accept the charter flight request or complete the flight and adverse weather.”

As for what caused the crash, the NTSB ruled that Ara Zobayan potentially suffered from Spatial Disorientation just ahead of the collision, which reportedly made him think the helicopter was going upward when it was in fact descending.

“The resulting descent and acceleration were conducive for the pilot to experience a somatogravic illusion in which he would incorrectly perceive that the helicopter was climbing when it was descending. The helicopter continued this steep descent the pilot was either not referencing the instruments or having difficulty interpreting or believing them due to the compelling vestibular illusions and he did not successfully recover the helicopter.”

One investigator said,

“The pilot doesn’t know which way is up.”

Vice-Chairman Bruce Landsberg blamed the pilot for not realizing the dangerous weather conditions and failing to land at Van Nuys airport, which was just ahead of where the crash took place.

Investigators also referenced Kobe Bryant and Ara Zobayan’s close relationship as he often flew the Los Angeles Laker’s children. They said,

“This type of relationship that he had with the client can lead to self-induced pressure during the en-route portion of the flight.”

Officials also say that having two pilots could have helped prevent the crash.

Continued prayers for the loved ones of all of the victims of the crash. 

Authored by: Char Patterson