Schoolboy Q To Snoop Dogg: There’s No Such Thing As Good Cop

Schoolboy Q To Snoop Dogg: There’s No Such Thing As Good Cop

Hip hop icon, Snoop Dogg (born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., 48), has been vocal for years about his personal experiences with law enforcement.  He took to social media recently to show an example of what he believes to be a good cop, but he was met with disagreement from a fellow industry rapper, Schoolboy Q (born Quincy Matthew Hanley, 33).

The video that Snoop Dogg reposted is of a black officer who passionately speaks of his position after witnessing the video of the officers that took the life of George Floyd.

Snoop Dogg captions the video,

“From a good cop P.S.A.”

Schoolboy Q simply responded,

“No sucH tHing as good cop”

The black officer states in the video,

“I am disgusted with the things that happened in Minneapolis. Period, point blank.”

The officer goes on to talk about why he got into law enforcement in the first place.  He says,

“That’s the reason I got behind this badge, right. Those officers that are afraid to step up, I wanna be the one that’s gonna step up.  If I see wrong happening, wrong is not happening in my presence.”

Most fans seemingly agreed with Snoop Dogg and blasted Schoolboy Q for his statement.

@connie_cooper stated,

“This officer has risked his livelihood to respond.  Please show support”

Another fan chimes in,

“Not true at all.  There are good cops.”

@ifyispiffy offered her opinion, stating:

“School boy is wrong there are def good cops.  Let’s be level minded here.  However the bad ones are so overpoweringly bad it overshadows them.”

Snoop Dogg has shown his support in the past against police brutality.  In 2018 he donated $35k to Mothers Against Police Brutality in support of Colin Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Pledge.

Do you agree with Snoop or Schoolboy Q?  Let us know your thoughts.

Authored by: Robin Ayers