US Women’s Soccer Team Wins Gold, Megan Rapinoe Pays Homage To Nipsey Hussle

US Women’s Soccer Team Wins Gold, Megan Rapinoe Pays Homage To Nipsey Hussle

Congratulations to the United States Soccer team after their 2-0 Finals win over The Netherlands on Sunday, taking home the FIFA World Cup Trophy. After the team’s hard earned win, the pink-haired US Women’s soccer team captain, Megan Rapinoe reflected on their World Cup victory by humbly used a quote from the slain rapper’s 2018 track ‘Hussle and Motivate,’ by Nipsey Hussle in an Instagram post. She shared a photo with the World Cup trophy, Rapinoe writes,

“Ain’t really trip on the credit, I just paid all of my dues
I just respected the game, now my name all in the news
Trippin’ on all of my moves, quote me on this, got a lot more to prove- @nipseyhussle

To end her Nipsey quote, the captain signed off with the hashtag #tmc, a reference to Nipsey’s motto “The Marathon Continues.”

Rapinoe, who missed last week’s semifinal win over England with a hamstring injury, finished the World Cup with six goals, including netting a penalty kick in the US 2-0 Finals win over The Netherlands.

Rapinoe opens up on how proud she is of her team and their victory in the FIFA World Cup. She tells ESPN,

“We are such a proud and strong and defiant group of women. We’ve done exactly what we’ve set out to do, what we wanted to do.”

Rapinoe continues,

“Getting to play at the highest level at the World Cup is ridiculous, but to be able to couple that with everything off the field, and to back up all of those words with performances and back up those performances with words, it’s just incredible. I feel like this team is in the midst of changing the world around us, as we live. It’s an incredible feeling.”

Rapinoe sent a message to her teammates to think before accepting a Trump invite.

“I would encourage my teammates to think hard about lending [their] platform or having that co-opted by an administration that doesn’t feel the same way and doesn’t fight for same things that we fight for.”

To add, what’s a celebration with out a little back stage champagne party as the ladies of the US Soccer team shared videos of them dancing to the sound of the Ying Yang Twins, Kanye West, and Drake!

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Authored by: Gregory Molette