Cardi B Explains “Levels Of Tricking & Ho*ing” [VIDEO]

Cardi B

Cardi B Explains “Levels Of Tricking And H*eing”

Cardi B schooled her fans on the “levels of tricking.”

“A lot of you b****es talking about tricking and h*eing, but the question is, what level is your trick on? Because there’s level to this s***. Now, the first level, if your trick is paying for your nails and your hair done, giving you $200, $300 dollars a week, that’s first level tricking.”

She went on to explain the next level.

“Second level tricking is when a n***a is buying you a Chanel purse, he bought your surgery in the Colombias and the Dominican Republic. He paid for your $2,000, $3,000 rent in your condo. That’s second level.”

She added,

“Now the third level is when a n****a’s buying you a Rolex. He bought you your little Mercedes b****. He bought your little diamond chain. That’s the third level.”

“Fourth level is when a n***a bought you a business. Now b****, n***a that done bought you a salon or spa, you’re on the fourth level.”

She explains that when you’ve really made it, you’re on the fifth level.

“Now the fifth level is when you marry a Arab. B**** you done married a n***a that own a gas station, congratulations b**** you own oils in the Pakistan b****.”

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There’s LEVELS !

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Authored by: Char Patterson