1st Look: ‘Harriet’ Tubman Biopic Starring Cynthia Erivo [Trailer]

1st Look: ‘Harriet’ Tubman Biopic Starring Cynthia Erivo [Trailer]

The trailer for the highly-anticipated Harriet biopic is now out! The film, which will tell the story of the iconic Harriet Tubman and her historic escape from slavery.

In the teaser, Tubman, portrayed by Broadway star Cynthia Erivo, runs from slave masters as she’s encouraged to

“follow the North Star.”

After almost getting captured, she says,

“I’m gonna be free or die.”

Tubman, who was born Araminta Ross, later selects the name “Harriet Tubman” to mark her freedom. She makes the selfless and brave decision to go back and help free her family after gaining freedom herself.

Janelle Monae and Leslie Odom, Jr. also star in the movie.

Erivo share her thoughts on playing the legendary role.

“I wish I had the words to describe what it feels like to be bringing this to you. I’m grateful to have been a part of the telling of this story and I hope I will have made you proud come November 1st. I put my blood, sweat, soul, heart and tears into it because it deserved nothing less. All love Xx”

See the teaser below:

Harriet will hit theaters November 1.

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