Marcus Hyde, Kim Kardashian’s Photog, Called Out For Bribing Models For Nude Photos

Marcus Hyde, Kim Kardashian’s Photog, Called Out For Bribing Models For Nude Photos

Photographer for the Stars, Marcus Hyde, 33, was put on blast following an aspiring model by the name of Sunnaya, revealing alleged screenshots on their DM conversation on her Instagram story. In her post, she aired out their alleged conversation as she came forward revealing  some shocking details on how Hyde allegedly uses models to send him nudes for work. In her messages, Hyde allegedly asked her for a nude photo but she said she didn’t have any to send.

In return, Hyde negotiated a price of $2,000 to book his services as her photographer or no charge if she sent him nude photos ahead of time.

After giving his demands, the model says,

”Bc I won’t send you nudes of my before shooting?”

Hyde responds back to her unwillingness,

”Find someone else. I’ll keep shooting celebs.”

Following her posts going viral, Sunnaya was received by former models who shared similar interactions with Hyde. Several followers backed her up by sharing their alleged exchange with Hyde. One particular follower who she blocked from viewing the username, wrote to Sunnaya,

“I shot with him as a young girl because my agency set it up. Tried to kiss me when he dropped me off, after 2 hours him driving back from location as he touched my thoughts and asked what I had done sexually so far.”

After sharing others experiences, Sunnaya thanked everyone who came forward while encouraging everyone to speak up when faced with harassment.

”Thank you for all the support and shares, I’m trying to read all your messages. Thankful to have a community like this and I support and encourage everyone speaking up! I really did not expect any reaction from this, you guys are amazing.”

Hyde has maintained silence since Sunnaya’s shared her experience. He has a lengthy resume that includes working with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Ariana Grande.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette