Moniece Slaughter Slams Love & Hip Hop Editing, Wants A Respectful Conversation W/ Ex Lil Fizz & Apryl Jones

Moniece Slaughter, Lil Fizz, Apryl Jones

Moniece Slaughter Slams Love & Hip Hop Editing, Wants A Respectful Conversation W/ Ex Lil Fizz & Apryl Jones

Moniece Slaughter’s drama with her ex Lil Fizz, who is also the father of her son, and his alleged new girlfriend Apryl Jones, is already the center of drama on the new season of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. The season returned for season six Monday and Slaughter isn’t happy with a teaser that shows what viewers can expect from the trio in upcoming episodes.

Slaughter vented on social media and shared a part of the teaser where she’s yelling at Jones, who tells Slaughter that Slaughter and Lil Fizz aren’t friends.  Lil Fizz steps in and Jones let’s him know that Slaughter thinks Fizz owes her a conversation. Lil Fizz made it clear he wasn’t open to talking to Slaughter and told her to,

“Have a great day.”

Slaughter is now calling for another conversation with Lil Fizz and Jones.

“I’m sure my face says it all. But I didn’t like the edit I saw last night. Since everybody wants me to be mad about the parts of this scenario that don’t affect me, I’ll entertain it. Clearly the real issues will always get lost in translation. And I’ve come so far. I’ve grown tremendously. I wanted to leave the series on a high. I want to leave peacefully. So how about we try this one last time. I’m going to give these two one more opportunity to have a RESPECTFUL conversation with me about what actually matters here. And it’s not them. It’s not me. It’s MY SON”

She added that first, they both need to apologize.

“So since they’re stuck to each other like stink on boo boo, let’s chat. Openly. Honestly. Quietly (meaning not yelling). AFTER they both apologize for this f***ery right here.”

She then urged fans to tell the production team that they have a few days to get the three of them together before she goes ghost.

“Last year I was quiet on social media all season about the show. This year I didn’t watch a single EP or clip of ATL. I stopped liking any and all show related comments on social media until this erupted. So before I learn how to get like my sweet brutha Omarion. Let me revive the old me real quick. Clock is ticking. Somebody go tell production they got til the end of the week to round Barnum & Bailey up. Before I go find em’ myself.”

In the premiere, Jones and Slaughter sat down but things didn’t necessarily go that smoothly.

The two have been at odds as Slaughter says Jones and Lil Fizz have been disrespectful toward her. Relationship rumors between Lil Fizz and Jones started earlier this year, just before Lil Fizz went on tour with his former friend B2K groupmate, who is also Jones’s ex, Omarion. 


Meanwhile, Omarion has stayed quiet about all the drama.

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Authored by: Char Patterson