Blueface: “I’ve Slept With 1,000 Women Since January!”

Blueface: “I’ve slept with 1000 women since January!”

Rapper Blueface must have personally met all of the Thotianas on the west coast since his hit single, “Thotiana,” hit the airwaves at the top of the year. One of them sparked a heated argument that resulted in him turning against his own mother and sister! 

In an interview with Los Angeles radio legend, Big Boy, the rapper admitted that he can’t stay away from the ladies. He said he’s had sex with as many as 1000 since his single dropped!

“Big Boy: How many females do you think you’ve knocked down in the last six months? Let’s play higher or lower. Five?

Blueface: Hell naw. Probably like a thousand.

Big Boy: What you say?

Blueface: A thousand. I’m a f*cker. I know- I’m a f*cker.”

Big Boy seemed to be in shock:

“Big Boy: A thousand?! Since January?

Yeah. It’s like, sometimes it might be a threesome- might be a foursome. I’ve had a fivesome- me and four girls.

Big Boy: D*mn.

Blueface: Yeah, it was pretty hard.

Big Boy: Yeah, no pun intended!”

Yikes! Watch Blueface’s entire “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” interview below.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay