Bank To Foreclose On Juelz Santana’s Home While He’s In Jail

Juelz Santana

Bank To Foreclose On Juelz Santana’s Home While He’s In Jail

Juelz Santana’s jail stint isn’t stopping a bank from foreclosing on his home.

Santana, who’s currently serving a sentence for bringing a loaded gun to an airport, could lose his New Jersey home after not responding to a lawsuit from Wells Fargo Bank, according to Bossip. Interestingly enough, it’s safe to say his failure to respond could be because behind bars.

Still, Wells Fargo told a judge that the Dipset rapper had more than enough time to respond, despite being in jail. Now, it wants a judge to rule that Santana is in default of his mortgage. If Wells Fargo gets its way, the home will be sent to foreclosure and could be auctioned off via a Sheriffs Sale.

Wells Fargo initiated the lawsuit in February with claims that he failed to pay the mortgage since July 2018.

Santana first purchased the property in 2005 for $540,000. It financed a portion of it at $486,000 along with an interest rate of 8.5 percent. Now, the property is worth $391,000. It sits in a prestigious community where the late rapper Notorious BIG once lived.

Unfortunately for Santana, this will be the third time he’s faced foreclosure proceedings in the last two years, according to the bank’s claims. This time around, Wells Fargo hopes to get the money from Santana or sell the condo.

It’s not clear when Santana last lived in the place. He stayed in a neighboring county with his wife Kimbella and their children before he went to jail. He’s scheduled to be released in 2021 and turned himself in in March.

Kimbella, Juelz Santana

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Source: BOSSIP

Authored by: Char Patterson