Kobe Bryant Responds To Claims He Shaded 4th Grade Player On His Basketball Team

Kobe Bryant Responds To Claims He Shaded 4th Grade Player On His Basketball Team

Whether in or out of retirement, the Black Mamba doesn’t play about hard work on the court! NBA champion Kobe Bryant was recently ridiculed for how he addressed his girls basketball team on social media. Fans and followers accused him of shading one of the girls because of her absence from the photo! Ha!

His Instagram caption read:

“@kobebryant Here’s our fourth place “winners” picture lol six of the kids in the picture stayed with me and worked every single day to get better and continue to work to this day. The 7th player (not in pic) missed this game for a dance recital so that should tell you where her focus was at this time, meaning she enjoyed dance more than ball which is fine. Now? She eats sleeps and breaths the game. So from this original group of 7 we have added a player TWO years YOUNGER (6th grade now), a player who’s team in our area folded and a player who’s family moved here from Tennessee. The beauty of coaching is growing the players from the ground up. That journey continues #mambas #2yearsago”

Instagram user @sheloveschampagne attempted to check the Los Angeles Lakers icon:

“@sheloveschampagne How you throw shade at a lil girl for a dance recital Kobe”

Kobe insists he didn’t diss his team’s mini-hooper, responding:

“@kobebryant @sheloveschampagne that wasn’t shade. She enjoyed dancing more than hooping at that time and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just pointing out that ball wasn’t the primary focus. Now? SHe LOVES basketball.”

Is Kobe Bryant too competitive to coach a team of elementary-aged girls? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay