Cardi B’s Team Met With Fran Drescher About Her Starring In ‘The Nanny’ Reboot

Fran Drescher, Cardi B

Cardi B’s Team Met With Fran Drescher About Her Starring In ‘The Nanny’ Reboot

In a time where so many 80s and 90s classics are making their way back to the small screen, “The Nanny” is another one to possibly add to the list. And the show’s star, Fran Drescher, has confirmed that Cardi B could reprise Drescher’s role as Fran Fine in the reboot.

Drescher dished on the reboot Wednesday (Sept. 18), and said,

“I would love to get somebody like a Cardi B to play Fran Fine. And if I wasn’t working I could play Sylvia, the mom, and John Leguizamo could play [Fran’s dad], Morty. So we’ll see. There’s a lot of opportunities to do something fantastic with it and bring it right into the 21st century.”

But the possibility of Cardi taking on the lead role is more than just a desire as Drescher added that Cardi’s team is actually already in talks concerning Cardi possibly taking the part. She spoke on a recent meeting with Cardi’s team and the show and said,

“We’re not ready to dive into it yet. So, that was just kind of laying out groundwork. I do think she’s great, and she would be kinda like my top choice if she’s disciplined to do this show every week. It can be a grind, but she’s got a baby now and it could be a very comfortable, lovely way to, you know, work, be seen worldwide, and still do mini-concert tours when you’re on hiatus.”

The talks started late last year, and it’s safe to say Cardi is all in.

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Source: Entertainment Tonight

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