T.I. Calls Out Mega Church For Offering: I Was Basically Exploited [VIDEO]

T.I. Calls Out Mega Church For Offering: I Was Basically Exploited [VIDEO]

T.I. took issue with a second offering at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga. The rapper and activist attended the church in support of Kanye West, who held his popular Sunday Service there. While there, T.I. made it clear he wasn’t here for a pastor taking a second offering. He suggested that the millionaire status of he and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris prompted the offering.

He said on his ExpidiTIously podcast,

“I cut my fellowshipping short at Magic City to go and get me 45 minutes of sleep, to get up and drive out here to be accosted and basically exploited…”

Killer Mike, who was the guest, added,

“Finessed out some money.”

T.I. said,

“As soon as I sat down… they already raised the offering, Jamal already raised the offering. When we sat down, there was a whole new agenda… ‘Oh it’s two multi-millionaires, actually three counting Tameka…’ It’s like they rung the red bell at The Player’s Club.”

Killer Mike also hinted at it being a

“money grab.”

Just days before his podcast, T.I. already posted a photo of his face during the service.

The pastor of New Birth, Jamal Bryant responded shortly after.

T.I. and Killer Mike both commented, seeming to squash any drama.

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