Update: Sean Kingston’s Mother Bails Out Of Jail Following Arrest For Fraud & Theft, Rapper Reportedly Still Behind Bars 

Sean Kingston & mother Janice Turner

Update: Sean Kingston’s Mother Bails Out Of Jail Following Arrest For Fraud & Theft, Rapper Reportedly Still Behind Bars

Update #3: (May 27, 2024): Sean Kingston’s mother is out of jail but the family’s legal troubles are far from over.

According to a report from TMZ, Janice Turner — mom of Kingston — is a free woman! After spending four days behind bars, Turner was released on a $160,000 bond. As recently reported, last week the 61-year-old was arrested during a raid at Kingston’s Florida home. She’s reportedly facing 8 charges, which include conducting an organized scheme to defraud, grand theft, and identity theft.

Unfortunately, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree as Kingston, 34, was arrested a few hours after his mom for fraud and theft in San Bernardino County. It’s alleged that over a 6 month period, the mother-son-duo made off with nearly $500K in jewelry, over $200K from Bank of America, $160K from a car dealer, $100K from First Republic Bank, and $86K for a customized bed.

At the time of this report, Kingston is reportedly still in custody and will face his extradition hearing tomorrow (May 28) before he’s transported back to Florida.

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Update #2: (May 24, 2024): Sean Kingston is in custody. The singer was arrested for fraud and theft in San Bernardino County on Thursday (May 23), just hours after SWAT agents raided his Florida home and arrested his mother Janice Turner. He’s set to be held in California until he’s extradited to Florida, according to reports.

Update #1: (May 23, 2024): In the words of Olivia Pope, “It’s (being) handled.”

Sean Kingston wasted no time to give an update after authorities raided his Florida home earlier today (Thursday, May 23) and arrested his mother reportedly on several fraud and theft charges. The entire ordeal is allegedly due to the music artist using his celebrity status to scam (unpaid) services from a company.

Addressing what occurred, Sean Kingston wrote via his IG Stories,

“People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother!.. my lawyers are handling everything as we speak.”

Original Story: (May 23, 2024): Singer/rapper Sean Kingston recently got a surprise visit from a SWAT team.

The musician’s Florida home was raided by authorities earlier today (Thursday, May 23) after he was sued for allegedly scamming funds from a business.

Sean Kingston

Broward County Sheriff’s confirmed that they raided Sean Kingston’s 7-bedroom estate and arrested his 61-year-old mother Janice Turner in the process on several fraud and theft charges. The raid is reportedly linked to a lawsuit the “Beautiful Girls” artist was named in back in February, accusing him of failing to pay for a $150,000 entertainment system.

Sean Kingston

The plaintiff, a company called Ver Ver Entertainment, wrote in the complaint that Sean Kingston, 34, purchased the equipment in September of last year and had it installed after making only a partial $30,000 payment. Despite allegedly making multiple attempts to secure the rest of the money, Ver Ver said they were met with continued excuses from Kingston.

They ultimately concluded that the Jamaican-American artist uses his celebrity status to get businesses to give him things up front that he never intends to pay for. If you recall, Kingston faced similar accusations in 2020 after a jeweler alleged that the hitmaker scammed him out of thousands worth of merchandise.

Accusing Kingston of intentionally scamming yet again, Ver Ver’s lawyer Dennis Card reportedly stated:

He basically has a sales pitch that he goes through to defraud people…He induces them into giving him really expensive things.”

Alleging that Kingston also owes money for other items he’s in possession of, including his 2.5 million dollar mansion, Card added:

“He likes having bling…My client has a $150,000 television sound system that’s in there, there’s also about $1 million worth of watches that are in there, there’s a $80,000 custom bed that was ordered….This is an organized systemic fraud…This is a rental house, he doesn’t own it.”

Sean Kingston

Doubling down, the legal professional went on to further allege that Kingston has a “script” he uses to trap unsuspecting businesses, adding:

“He lures people using his celebrity into having them release things without him paying for it, and then he simply never pays…He’s 100 percent a scammer, he’s on felony probation right now for trafficking in stolen property.”

It’s unclear whether or not Kingston was present during the raid or if he’s been formally charged with anything. He has not spoken on the matter publicly at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson