Amanda Seales Reveals Issa Rae’s Publicist Kicked Her Out Of Black Hollywood Emmy’s Party

Amanda Seales, Issa Rae

Amanda Seales Reveals Issa Rae’s Publicist Kicked Her Out Of Black Hollywood Emmy’s Party

Amanda Seales is calling ’em out!

She went off during Emmy’s weekend last month and revealed that she had been kicked out of the only African-American after party. See all of that here.

Interestingly enough, while she initially said it was a White woman named Kiara who gave her the boot, she has now said it was a Black woman, Vanessa Anderson, who doubles as a publicist for none other than Insecure creator Issa Rae, who really had the power to kick her out.

Interestingly enough, Seales co-stars in Insecure herself.

Seales took to her Small Doses podcast in an episode called “Side Effects of Professionalism Part 1” to give more details. She said of her and Anderson,

“We are not friends. She has never been nice to me ever. She’s always had a curtness, and she’s always seemed to be bothered simply by my demeanor, my way of communicating with her, etc. At a certain point, it became, well this is not someone I need to speak to because I don’t work for her, she doesn’t work for me. There’s no reason for us to interact for all intents and purposes. So we don’t.”

She also said this wasn’t the first time this Anderson has used her powers to keep her out of a party. In fact, she said Anderson went off on her when Seales had trouble getting into last year’s Black Hollywood Emmy’s party as well. She alleged that Anderson told her,

“Amanda nobody has time for this right now. I do not have time for this!”

Issa Rae

She also said that Issa wants no parts of it.

“Issa said, ‘Yeah, I mean that’s between y’all. This is her party, so it’s not my jurisdiction to tell her how to treat you at her party.’”

She then defended her actions in name-dropping Anderson. 

“It’s very frustrating to be somebody who’s just trying to do good work and have to deal with this type of unprofessionalism. To have to deal with this type of informality and to deal with this literal type of petty a** f***ery, and Hollywood is so rife with this. Some behavior does not deserve the luxury of anonymity. And this was an instance where no no no, I’m not going to have this story told by other people without telling my story.”

Listen to the podcast below.

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