Jeannie Mai’s Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Suggests TV Personality Cheated As She Lashes Out On Social Media

Jeannie Mai’s Ex-Husband’s Girlfriend Suggests TV Personality Cheated As She Lashes Out On Social Media

Update #1 (Sept. 23): Things are getting ugly between Jeannie Mai, her ex-husband Freddy Harteis and his girlfriend, Linsey Toole. 

Most recently, Linsey Toole blasted Jeannie Mai for mistreating her while she was pregnant around the time Jeannie Mai and Freddy Harteis got divorced.

It started when a social media user told Linsey Toole to delete her Instagram account. That appeared to set Toole off as she issued a lengthy response to set the record straight. She wrote,

“Sick of the @‘s
All orchestrated by her and still happening after all these years. Every time something happens with her we get bombarded by trolls because of the narrative she led people to believe. Listen go live that troll life. Create fake accounts to attack people if that makes you feel better. But let’s set some facts straight. Since she won’t publicly clear our name and own her lies, let me just let you in on a little news flash. SHE asked for a divorce. SHE is responsible for her own actions. All Freddy is guilty of is moving on quickly. He moved on a couple months after SHE filed for divorce. BIG D*** DEAL.”

She went on to accuse Jeannie Mai of prolonging the divorce with Freddy Harteis and suggested that The Real co-host cheated on him.

“I probably should’ve waited until that divorce she drug on was final but unfortunately I didn’t. I probably shouldn’t have been emotional and wrote her publicly but I was sick of her shenanigans and I did. No one cheated (on our end.) So get over it people. Theres ZERO tea here. She just led y’all to believe there was. She moved on and hopefully she’s truly happy. She’s not talking about Freddy anymore so that’s nice. About d*** time.” 

She added,

“Freddy has NEVER looked back and NEVER spoke her name. He doesn’t care. MEANWHILE she used her platform to destroy us and present a sob story for attention. Everything she does is for strategic attention. You are all just her little sheep. She’s got you all fooled.”

Let her be happy. Let us be happy. Leave people alone. We aren’t the least bit interested in what’s going on in her life. So stop @ us. We do NOT care.”

She ended by suggesting Jeannie Mai mistreated her when Toole was pregnant.

“I truly don’t want to put her through what she put me through when I was pregnant. Stop the drama and let us all live.”

Original Story: Freddy Harteis has issued a response to those who have been bringing up Jeannie Mai‘s pregnancy to him!

As previously reported, Jeannie Mai recently announced that she was expecting her first child with her husband Jeezy.

News of Jeannie Mai‘s pregnancy comes about four years after she filed for divorce from Freddy Harteis, whom she had been married to since 2007. theJasmineBRAND broke the story, and one factor in the split was speculated to have been disagreements around the subject of parenthood. Back in 2014, Jeannie stated:

“[Freddy Harteis] and I have been married for seven years and when we got married at first, we didn’t want kids. Seven years later now, I see it in him. I see when children are around, I can feel it inside me of what people say that it just hits you. It really does suck. I’m praying about this because it’s a hard one.”

Since Jeannie Mai announced her pregnancy with Jeezy, many have been bringing up the fact that the 42-year-old TV host did not want kids with her ex-husband. One Instagram user referenced the matter by writing:

“Her first husband prob biting bricks and screaming rn [insert laughing emojis].”

Another user replied by commenting:

“I definitely think when you know you know in her case she didn’t want a baby with @thehollywoodhunter.”

Shortly thereafter, Freddy Harteis responded:

“Yep. I upgraded from trash to treasure a long time ago. Best decision I ever made. Congratulations. Being truly happy is an awesome feeling. Love my little family.”

For context, after his divorce from Jeannie MaiFreddy Harteis met his current partner–Linsey Toole–and welcomed two children, Emyrson and Huck.

Freddy Harteis and Linsey Toole

Freddy Harteis and his children

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Authored by: Nick Fenley