Amanda Seales Says She Was Kicked Out A Black Hollywood Emmys Party [VIDEO]

Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales Says She Was Kicked Out A Black Hollywood Emmys Party [VIDEO]

Amanda Seales was not happy after the Emmys. She documented how she wasn’t allowed into the Celebrate The Culture II after-party for the Emmy Awards Sunday (Sept. 22). She said,

“For the record, I am being denied entrance to the Black people’s Emmy party. And it’s a White woman telling me I can’t go in. I just want to put this on record that I’m literally being told, ‘You cannot get entrance into a party that Jesse Williams invited you to.’ It’s the only Black event for the Emmy weekend, because a white woman is telling me I can’t get in. But I’m fine.”

She then posted a video and said she was currently being “escorted out” of the party.

“I am not being granted entrance to the Black Emmy party… In Hollywood. This is security, and I’m being escorted out of the Black Emmy party.”

She added,

“This is just to remind y’all that it really doesn’t matter how hard you work, or how good of a person you are. You’re just gonna be in some bulls***. The fact that I literally was humiliated just now because four security guards were asked to come and remove me from a party that was supposed to honor Black people at the Emmys… and it was a White woman named Kiara, who made it her business to do this… I’m not gonna cry though. I’m not gonna cry. I’m honestly shaking I’m so disturbed. But you know what? I’ll be on TV in seven hours, and you know I’ll find a way to put this in there.”

She added that there was a specific instruction given to not allow her in the party.

“Some hater b****, or some hater n***a, put the battery in her back. When we do that s***, and we empower s*** like that, it just really shows how powerless we really are to our ego, and to pettiness. And I really just feel sorry for those folks. Because they really think they’re doing something, and you’re not. Because I still look bomb as s*** even though I was standing on the street corner.”

She later went into even more detail and explained that she was getting into the party when the infamous White woman at the door said Seales couldn’t go in because she wasn’t on the list. But her two friends were allowed to go in. The security guard then said it was “politics.” She then went to the curb and was met by a friend who said they were going to get her in. Still, the woman made it clear Seales couldn’t go in. Seales said she took issue with the idea that a White woman was the “gatekeeper” at a Black party.

She said Elijah Kelly also came out and was confused why Seales was outside. He also tried to help her get in. While the woman tried to stop her, Seales walked in anyway and stood by the bar. She said actor J. August Richards then asked her what was wrong, and Seales told him she was upset that she initially couldn’t get into the party.

A security guard was then told to come and remove Seales from the party. She said she refused to leave until she was told who wanted her to leave. He later told her a woman named Vanessa wanted her out. The General Manager of the venue, along with two other security guards and the White woman at the door all come up and tell Seales she needs to leave. She then pointed at the GM before someone on his staff stepped in between them and pushed her back. She was ultimately escorted out by four security guards.

See the full video below.

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