Doja Cat Bosses Up For “Rules” Video

Doja Cat Bosses Up In New Video For “Rules” [WATCH]

Doja Cat (real name Amala Dlamini), 24, shows her wild side as a boss of a “Cat Mafia” gang in the video for her new song “Rules.” The song is featured on her new album Hot Pink, which was released on Thursday (Oct. 24th). In the video, Doja meets with a drug lord in the middle of the desert.

While discussing their lucrative deal, things go terribly wrong for one person. After being betrayed, she seeks revenge for their fumbled business plans.

Doja uses her cat like persona and takes care of business on her own while making a bold statement by blowing up a vehicle as the rapper celebrates dancing in front of a car.

In a recent interview, Doja discusses her music starting with her viral success from, “Moo.” She says,

“A lot of people want me to be sick of , ‘Mooo’ I haven’t got sick of it yet and I think it’s expected. It’s kind of predictability of it. Makes me look like I don’t like what I do. Like I’m somehow tired of the sing. ‘Mooo’ is one of the favorite songs I’ve ever made.”

She adds,

”I think it’s one of the funniest songs I’ve ever made and I’m super proud of it. The song was a joke. Being in the industry is like school. People wanting you to feel like the bud of the joke. The thing is I made the joke. I love the song. So, you know it’s okay. Totally cool to talk about it.”

Check out the video below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette