Cassie Reflects On A Photo From 2017 ‘I Feel Sad For The Girl In This Picture’

Cassie Reflects On A Photo From 2017 ‘I Feel Sad For The Girl In This Picture’

Cassie has had a whirlwind of a year.

From breaking up with her boyfriend of more than 10 years, Diddyto dating and marrying Alex Fine, to announcing her pregnancy with her first child, Cassie has been making major moves in her personal life.

Cassie, Diddy (circa 2017)

Cassie, Alex Fine

But it’s safe to say things weren’t this way for her a couple of years ago. She posted a photo of herself looking out of a window and revealed that she was on a downward spiral in 2017.

“Do you ever come across old pictures of yourself and get blown away by how much you’ve transformed? When I look at pictures it brings me back to the exact place and time where I can literally touch the feelings I was feeling, almost experiencing them all over again with a sense of calm. It’s a form of therapy for me. Was I happy? Was I eating that day? Did I sleep the night before? What was I stressing at that moment? What front did I have up that day? This photo was of me in NY on May 31st, 2017. I feel sad for the girl in the picture because I know the personal demons she was battling…”

She went on to acknowledge the growth that she’s experienced since then.

 “I’m so excited for her growth to come. It’s bittersweet looking at this photo. This is a shout out to everyone on their journey! I’m still on mine and I hope that me sharing can help others know that there is so much joy in recognizing your growth every step of the way.”

It’s safe to say she’s happy in her current state. After this post, she shared a few new adorable maternity photos.

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Authored by: Char Patterson