India Arie Responds to Criticism Over #SteadyLoveChallenge: “I’m affirming the beauty of Black love!”

India Arie

India Arie Responds To Criticism Over #SteadyLoveChallenge: “I’m affirming the beauty of Black love!”

Soul singer India Arie has won countless Grammy awards among others for her music’s depictions of love over her 18+ year career. With the release of her latest album, “Worthy,” India has used the #SteadyLoveChallenge – named after one of the album’s singles – to showcase Black couples.

However, the singer had to break down the reason behind her celebration of Black love, sparked by a fan’s questioning.

India said:

“TO THOSE ASKING (or not bold enough to ask) WHY the Steady Love Challenge is focused on #blacklove TAKE A MOMENT TO READ MY HEART…No hate taken. First of all one of the fundamental truths in my life is that NO one is better than anyone else. I don’t know if this is a SERIOUS question or not, but I’m going to answer this for the sincere people who are afraid of being attacked for asking this question. That said…”

India, then, thoroughly explained how the horrific history of slavery included the dismantling of the Black family – which is, she says, something the culture is still perpetuating and healing from nearly 200 years later.

India Arie responded to a few comments regarding her lengthy post, clearing up confusion stemming from the selection of couples.

Is India Arie’s #SteadyLoveChallenge discriminatory? Let us know in the comments.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay