Wendy Williams Is In A Relationship: “I’m Very Claimed!”

Wendy Williams Is In a Relationship: “I’m very claimed!”

Daytime talk show diva Wendy Williams has been in the news for nearly a year now, following her hiatus from the show, sober living house stay, and public divorce from husband/manager, Kevin Hunter. Though she’s commented on the pain of their split, she’s seemed to waste no time jumping back into the dating scene.

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Wendy Williams with husband Kevin Sr. and son Kevin Jr. circa 2016

She was rumored to have been dating a 27-year-old man earlier in the year, but admitted to seeing an unnamed doctor.

Wendy is giving no clues on her new love’s identity, but in a recent chat with actress LisaRaye McCoy – she announced that she’s officially taken! Wendy Williams is in a relationship! She said:

“Wendy Williams: So what’s goin’ on with your love life?

LisaRaye McCoy: Not a…thing!

Wendy: Really? So you’re totally eligible?

LisaRaye: Hooked like you!

Wendy: Oh, no no no! I’m getting a divorce, but I’m very claimed.

LisaRaye: You are claimed?

Wendy: I’m very claimed!”

Yaaasss! Who is Wendy Williams’ mystery man?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay