Remy Ma Blasts Fan Who Got Too Close To Her Daughter: I’m A Public Figure, Not Public Property! [VIDEO]

Remy Ma Blasts Fan Who Got Too Close To Her Daughter: I’m A Public Figure, Not Public Property! [VIDEO]

Remy Ma might share her life on VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop: New York,” but she’s not here for fans getting too close to her family on the street.

She politely asked one fan to stop after they approached Remy Ma, her husband Papoose and their baby daughter Reminisce MacKenzie, a.k.a. The Golden Child, and attempted to film the trio with their camera phone. The fan apologized and stopped filming, but Remy Ma used that moment as the opportunity to send a message and share her side of what happened.

She wrote in a post she has since deleted,

“DO NOT FOLLOW THIS PERSON! Flag her page though! Me and my husband are super humble – at times TOO humble. We represent BlackLove, positivity and try our best to accommodate REAL fans when we encounter them in public. However, I see we’re gonna have to move differently because there are too many idiots in the world that mean harm and not good no matter how positive you try to be. For instance this person that is currently attacking my 10-month old baby via Instagram.”

She added that the person

“was sneak walking up behind my husband while he was holding our baby with 1 hand in her pocket and recording, very close to our daughter. I peeped her cuz I was putting bags in the truck. Nowwww, here she go tagging the blogs and her friends are encouraging her. My main concern is ALWAYS my child.”

She went on to say that the person edited the video and didn’t show everything that happened.

“So to clip the video so you can’t hear me saying do what she doing & then write a caption acting as if I was mistreating my daughter is EXACTLY why I reacted how I did. So many times people act like they showing love but actually they be rude, disrespectful, invasive and have ill intentions.”

She added,

“I saw this pedestrian walking frown down the block – she started out on 1 side then repositioned herself to get close – and when I checked her for being so close she promptly apologized and scampered off… nowwwww she in the comments calling my daughter ugly and saying how much of a celebrity I’m not. Well, today’s her lucky day – here’s the attention wanted. I literally got in the car and told my husband watch her run to social media acting like something else happened (exactly what’s happening) but if I would’ve smacked her phone to the ground and then gave her the same treatment as her phone, she’d be calling police acting like a victim and trying to sue.”

She added that while she’s a celebrity, people can’t treat her any kind of way.

“I AM A PUBLIC FIGURE, NOT PUBLIC PROPERTY!  I don’t care if I had a camera filming the inside of my uterus, that does not mean you can just walk up to me and/or my baby with a camera or anything in her face. ARE YOU DUMB! I ignore this a lot but this is going to far”

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