Lil Kim Grieves The Loss Of Her Father, Linwood Jones [CONDOLENCES]

Lil Kim Grieves The Loss Of Her Father, Linwood Jones [CONDOLENCES]

Lil Kim has celebrated the life of her father, Linwood Jones after he passed away last month.

She revealed his death earlier last week, as she reunited with rapper Trina, who lost her mother to cancer recently. Lil Kim said that both of them experiencing losses is what brought them back together.

Now, she has celebrated Jones’s life.

Her Junior M.A.F.I.A groupmate Lil Cease shared photos from the special service.

It’s not clear what caused Jones’s death. But back in 2012, Lil Kim revealed she was taking care of her father after learning of his battle with Alzheimer’s.

“We have to feed him, because he can’t make his own food. He can’t really pour juice. He can get dressed, but we have to help him sometimes. Basically we have to help him do almost everything. He can walk around and stuff like that. And again, it’s early stages.”

“He remembers to do some things, but sometimes he forgets some things. Like one time, he forgot to turn off the stove, and the coffee pot caught on fire. We had to run and put it out. It was really crazy.”

She said she wanted to be there for him despite them being estranged during the earlier phases of her life.

” I am a child of God. I believe in God, and I also believe in the quote ‘honor thy mother and thy father.’ No matter what, I’m always going to be there for my family.”

She added,

“Here’s the thing – we feel and know that he has an early case of Alzheimer’s. The doctors won’t really diagnose him with it, but we know that he does. They say that it seems to be an early case of it – this is what they’re saying. But he has this shaking-jitter condition that is almost the same thing as – don’t get this wrong, because then people will be like ‘oh, her dad has M.S.’ – no, he almost has the same symptoms as a person who has Multiple Sclerosis where they shake – they shake really bad. Yes. So it’s those type of symptoms. It stems from the situation.”

Prayers for Lil Kim and her family during this tough time!

Authored by: Char Patterson