Fabolous Blasted By His Sister: We Are Beyond Reconciliation, F**k You John!

Fabolous Blasted By His Sister On Social Media: We Are Beyond Reconciliation, F**k You John!

Rapper Fabolous has endured his fair share of family issues over the past couple of years – mainly concerning the highly-publicized domestic violence incident between he and longtime girlfriend, Emily Bustamante. However, buried from media coverage was a deep-seated squabble between the rapper and his sister, Vonja Jackson. Apparently, tensions have come to a head within the Jackson family, with Vonja going on a profane Instagram rant against her famous brother. Disabling the comments section, Vonja’s caption read:

“@iamvonja I promise I won’t post you , I will go via “blog”. Your asinine ways reflect our relationship, we don’t have one. Your subliminal shots don’t mean sh*t if you can’t @ me. We are done in reality and I won’t front for the gram or any other app. F*ck you! John. Go ban all the rest of the people that post up about you, you won’t be able to stop the blogs IDIOT . Keep f*cking with me I will sting you like a mf stranger.”

Vonja Jackson says that there is no fixing the relationship between she and Fab (real name, John Jackson):

“We are beyond reconciliation motherf*cker. Stop watching me, I give zero fucks about you and Emily and your kiss *ss policies! People stop dm to show me sh*t! All you fake family members kiss my a** , where was you at when his a** needed you? . Foh . Have a good day on purpose you d*ckriding b*tches. As far as my kids mind your f*cking business when it comes to me and my brother beefing! LEAVE MY PROFILES ON TWITTER FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM ALONE BEFORE I GET BLOG RICH ON YOUR A**!”

Yikes! Apparently, tensions have existed for quite some time. In September, she exposed that they didn’t speak to each other when Fab and Emily supported her daughter at her high school graduation. On the flip side, she alleges that they are keeping her from seeing their sons, Johan and Jonas.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay