Miami Heat’s Dion Waiters Has Panic Attack After Eating THC-Infused Edible, Suspended For 10 Games

Dion Waiters

Miami Heat’s Dion Waiters Has Panic Attack After Eating THC-Infused Edible, Suspended For 10 Games

Miami Heat guard Dion Waiters experienced an unexpected “panic attack” on the team’s flight to Los Angeles to take on the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday (Nov. 7th) night. According to multiple reports, Dion Waiters allegedly consumed an unknowingly large amount of THC-infused edibles. Afterwards, the 27-year-old guard received medical treatment when the team’s plane landed in Los Angeles. He was listed as out for Friday’s game against the Lakers because of illness and did not attend the game.

As the Heat continue to gather more information on how the edibles were passed along, Waiter has reportedly decided to remain silent on which Heat teammate gifted him the edible.

“The Heat believe Waiters was given the “gummy” by a teammate, but Waiters has been reluctant and has decided not to say who provided it.”

Sooner after the incident, the Miami Heat decided to suspend Waiters for 10 games without pay. According to the NBA’s Collective Bargaining Agreement, the league’s protocols for marijuana suspensions warrants after a player’s fourth violation, he will be issued a 10-game suspension. To add, only a third violation leads to a public announcement by the team.

The Heat released a statement on Waiters,

“We are very disappointed in Dion’s actions this season that include the very scary situation on Thursday night, and grateful that the outcome wasn’t worse. There have been a number of instances this season in which Dion has engaged in conduct detrimental to the team.”

The statement continues,

“We are proud of how our players have started the season. We expect all of our players, including Dion, to conduct themselves in accordance with the highest standards, and to show professionalism and respect for their teammates, the team, the fans and the NBA community.”

Waiters suspension will be a costly one with nearly $1 million dollars (approximately $834,483), all together in salary. THC/marijuana use is still currently banned by the NBA, even if it’s in one of the many legal states in the U.S.

Waiters, a first round 2012 draft pick, is currently in his third year of a four-year, $52 million deal with the Heat. He is owed $12.1 million this season and $12.6 million next season, which is the final year of the deal.
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Authored by: Gregory Molette