Diddy Reacts To Revolt Being Named By Comcast In Byron Allen’s Discrimination Suit: I Have A Problem With This

Byron Allen, Diddy

Diddy Reacts To Revolt TV Being Named By Comcast In Byron Allen’s Discrimination Suit: I Have A Problem With This

Diddy has broken his silence on Byron Allen’s ongoing lawsuit against Comcast.

Byron Allen sued Comcast with allegations that it refused to air his channels because of his race, and opted for White-owned networks that aren’t as well-known, like FitTV and Outdoor Channel instead. Comcast insisted that its decision had nothing to do with Byron Allen being Black, and in legal documents, used Revolt TV as an example that it does not discriminate against Black-owned networks.

Diddy spoke out shortly after to respond to Revolt TV being used as an example.

He took to Instagram Thursday (Nov. 21), to make his statement.

He clarified that even though the channel does do business with the cable provider, it shouldn’t be used to represent inclusion.

“I do not want my name to be used inaccurately so I must speak my truth. I also want to make clear that this case is now about much more than cable distribution. It’s about the civil rights of millions of African Americans and other minorities.”

He said that Comcast bringing up his network was an attempt to get Allen’s lawsuit, which calls out Comcast for its practices that allegedly don’t align with the civil rights, dismissed entirely.

“I have a problem with this. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 section 1981 was designed to ensure Black people are able to do business in this country and not be denied because of race. Comcast is arguing that this law only applies if racial discrimination is the only factor that leads to a refusal to do business, which would be extremely hard to prove.”

He added,

“Comcast has made this about much more than Byron Allen, and now the civil rights of my children and my community are at stake. To be clear, anything that makes it harder to fight against discrimination is wrong. Comcast is choosing to be on the wrong side of history.”

If Comcast wins in the Supreme Court ruling, Diddy said it will be even more difficult for minorities to make discrimination claims such as Allen’s. See his full statement here.

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