French Montana Hospitalized After Suffering Stomach Pains & High Heart Rate

French Montana

French Montana Hospitalized After Suffering Stomach Pains And High Heart Rate

Rapper French Montana was reportedly rushed to the hospital Thursday (Nov. 21).

An ambulance took him to receive treatment at San Fernando Valley Hospital as he suffered a high heart rate, nausea, and pains in his stomach. L.A. County police were already at his Calabassas, Calif. home to look into a possible robbery, but that was said to be a false alarm. Still, he was taken to the hospital as he was reportedly acting out of sorts.

He was said to be awake and conscious shortly after being taken to the hospital.

While he was expected to be released shortly after, there’s no word yet on if he’s been cleared to go home.

It’s not clear what caused the health issues, but it was on the heels of French Montana’s international trips to Morocco and Europe, so there’s speculation that he possibly was exposed to contaminated food.


No statement has been made on his behalf yet.

Just before being rushed to the hospital, he was all laughs with actor and comedian Shawn Wayans.

Let’s pray for a full and speedy recovery for French Montana!

Authored by: Char Patterson