Bun B’s Armed Intruder Pleads Guilty

Bun B’s Armed Intruder Pleads Guilty

Rapper Bun B (real name Bernard James Freeman) and his wife, Queenie, can rest easy now that their armed intruder, Demonte Jackson, has pleaded guilty to his attempt to rob them. This past April, Bun B said that Demonte Jackson forced his way into their home, pointing his gun at Queenie’s head, looking for money and merchandise. Bun B offered the Audi parked in his garage, leading to gunfire between both of them.

Bun B

Bun shot Demonte Jackson in the shoulder. He was treated at Pearland Medical Center where he was later arrested. Queenie recounted the incident during her and Bun’s “Breakfast Club” interview. She said:

“I heard the doorbell, and at that time it’s usually UPS, Amazon or Fed Ex, and they only ring it one time and leave, they don’t ask for signature or nothing… I looked up, ‘cause I’m looking down to retrieve the package, so, when I looked up he had the gun right here (points to forehead.) And so, he was backing me back, and at the same time locking the door. So, he was trying to lead me up my steps, and I was just like, ‘I can’t go up these steps ‘cause he gon’ catch Bun on the toilet and both us gon’ be dead, he’ll have to kill one of us.’ So, me thinking “fall,” I fell at the bottom of the steps and slid to the floor and balled up in a knot. And every time I looked up, he had the gun right here (points at forehead.) The barrel of the gun was so cold and he had it in a black gloved hand, He had two gloves on, one was blue and one was black. So, he kept telling me, ‘gimme what you got, gimme everything you got’ and I’m like, ‘what are you talking about?’ Because I’m in shock that this is happening to me, I’m like, ‘what are you talking about?’ [He said] ‘gimme everything you got or else imma kill you.’ In between him telling me this, he looks over and notices I have a bedroom, so when I seen him looking towards the bedroom, I start saying, ‘just take my car, just take my car.’ ‘Cause I didn’t want him to take me in that bedroom and rape me and do whatever he wanted to do.”

She continued:

“I was still on the floor when he heard the footsteps, both of us heard the footsteps. Then that’s when he goes, ‘how many floors you have?’ I go, ‘four.’ He says, ‘uh, who is that up there?’ I say, ‘that’s my husband.’ He said, ‘tell your husband don’t come down.’ I could hear the footsteps that Bun is headed to get the gun, so I’m steady screaming, ‘please don’t kill me, please don’t kill me!’ He said, ‘imma kill you if he come down.’ I’m like, ‘please don’t kill me, please don’t hurt me’ ‘cause I see he’s looking at the bedroom. So, at the same time, he goes, I could hear Bun getting closer, I said ‘Bun, don’t come down.’ I noticed when I said ‘Bun’ he startled. I said, ‘Bun don’t come down the stairs’ and that’s when he asked me for the keys to my car. The entire time I was on the floor, I didn’t feel like I was gonna die, I felt protected.”

Demonte Jackson is scheduled to be sentenced on March 3rd.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay