Tisha Campbell Once Had To Convince Her Son She’s African-American [WATCH]

Tisha Campbell, son Ezekiel

Tisha Campbell Once Had To Convince Her Son She’s African-American [WATCH]

Tisha Campbell has been holding it down for the light-skinned community for decades. But according to her youngest son Ezekiel, she’s too light to be considered African American.

While guest co-hosting daytime talk show The Real, Tisha Campbell shared a clip of her having to convince Ezekiel that she really is African-American, just like him. She told the co-hosts that she was trying to explain to him the history of African-American ancestors and heritage, but he was shocked to find out that she was also African American.

In the video, Ezekiel asked if his 18-year-old brother Xen was an African American too, and Tisha Campbell said,

“Yeah, our whole family. Me too.”

Ezekiel replied,

“You’re not African American!”

When Campbell asked why he thought that, he continued,

“Because you’re not like my skin, look at my skin!”

He held up his hands to show her.

She later told the ladies of The Real that he told her she looked like his best friend, who Campbell said has blonde hair and blue eyes. She said she informed Ezekiel, 

“We come in an array of colors! But he refused to believe me.”

She said he eventually understood, but it took him a while.

She went on to joke about using the lightest Emoji but using a Black one to be funny.

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Authored by: Char Patterson