Aaliyah Was Allegedly Pregnant By R.Kelly + New Book Claims He Paid $500 For Her Fake ID

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Aaliyah Was Allegedly Pregnant By R.Kelly + New Book Claims He Paid $500 For Her Fake ID

As R. Kelly pleads not guilty to claims that he bribed a government worker so he could get an underaged Aaliyah a fake ID for their alleged marriage license, a new book gives even more details of the alleged incident.

It was previously reported that R. Kelly has officially been charged for allegedly giving a government worker in Illinois cash in exchange for a fake ID for Aaliyah, who was 15-years-old at the time. R. Kelly was 27. Their alleged marriage was later annulled as the age requirement for marriage in Illinois is 18-years-old, or 16 with a parent’s permission. R. Kelly has denied the charges and is currently in jail facing other charges like child pornography. His trial is set to start next year.

Meanwhile, author and journalist Bryn Curt James Hammond penned a book called “A Case for Murder: Aaliyah Files”.


The book claims that R. Kelly was preparing the required three forms of ID for Aaliyah for their marriage license when he allegedly instructed his ex-assistant Demetrius Smith to contact a friend who was employed at the Public Aid office in Chicago. The person was also the one who took pictures for photo IDs for individuals who were granted welfare.

The Illinois employee allegedly said she would expedite Aaliyah’s fake picture for $500 in exchange. R. Kelly is also accused of reaching out to a friend who was employed with FedEx and allegedly told that worker to lie say Aaliyah was his colleague. The employee allegedly agreed, under the condition that his identity would remain anonymous.

R. Kelly also allegedly reached out to a close friend whose dad was a pastor in the area. He asked the preacher to officiate the union.


Hammond wrote in the book:

 “With all three forms of ID complete, with the inclusion of Aaliyah’s school ID card, the couple, as required, appeared before the Cook County Clerk at City Hall to present their identification.

They didn’t have to wait long before obtaining their marriage license, and while they played the waiting game, Kelly made a final call to an associate whose father was an inner-city preacher. 

After a monumentally convoluted catch-up, and a ‘how’s the family?”, Kelly cut to the chase, asking if the associate’s father could perform his and Aaliyah’s marriage ceremony.

The marriage was finalized before the sun had time to set.”

According to a document that’s said to be the marriage license, Aaliyah’s age was listed as 18, and R. Kelly’s was 27. They allegedly married on Aug. 31, 1994 in Illinois’s Cook County. They allegedly applied for the marriage license the day before.

Her parents allegedly had the marriage annulled in 1995.

Other reports from people like R. Kelly’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Van Allen said he married Aaliyah because she was pregnant, then had the annulment after she allegedly terminated the pregnancy.

Hammond said he spoke with R. Kelly’s close friends who alleged Aaliyah made the first move in her reported romance with R. Kelly

“described Aaliyah as a sheltered, naive child, who experienced independence for the first time while working on ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’, finding maturity overnight and seducing Kelly during their first recording session.”

Lisa Van Allen alleged that they married so that Aaliyah wouldn’t be able to testify against him if it came out that she was pregnant by a 27-year-old R. Kelly when she was 15.

Hammond wrote that R. Kelly called his lawyer friends to

“find out the best way to avoid any jail time, which resulted in the hare-brained scheme that Kelly’s only option was to marry Aaliyah.”

R. Kelly’s business manager, Derrel McDavid, allegedly made the suggestion for the union.

That’s when Aaliyah was allegedly flown from her hometown of Detroit (where she lived with her parents) to Chicago. She was allegedly taken to a hotel room in Chicago. Hammond wrote,

“She greeted Kelly and his entourage at the hotel door with haste on their arrival. She was pale and nervous, but still obeyed Kelly’s rule that required her to wear baggy clothing when she was not with him, unless otherwise instructed. 

As the clique entered the room, Aaliyah made sure not to prolong her glance at the other males accompanying Kelly. Instead she remained with her head down, coyly glancing only in Kelly’s direction when spoken to.”

The next morning they went to see Derrel McDavid, who allegedly pointed out Aaliyah’s alleged pregnancy and age and said, according to Hammond,

“that Kelly had committed a felony offense knowingly and to avoid repercussions they would need Aaliyah to take the rap for the entire sticky situation.”

Hammond added in the book,

“As the meeting reached its final minutes, McDavid specified what ID was required to move forward.  While Cook County wasn’t known for being very strict with legal requirements, there were some eligibility laws, required legal identification and additional considerations due to Aaliyah coming from Detroit, but the biggest hurdle was showing that Aaliyah was convincingly 18.”

That’s when Smith allegedly approached the Public Aid worker for alleged the $500 bribe.

Hammond added,

“Pulling her hoodie over her head, Aaliyah ducked into the building via the back entrance, where she was greeted by a welcoming smile. ”It will be okay,” the public servant muttered under her breath.”

Sadly, Aaliyah later died in a plane crash in 2001. She was 22-years-old.

Damon Dash

Prior to her passing she dated Damon Dash.

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