Joseline Hernandez Reveals If She’s Jealous Of Cardi B + Lashes Out At Mona Scott-Young: Some People Need To Be Visited By Human Resources [WATCH]

Joseline Hernandez, Cardi B, Mona Scott-Young

Joseline Hernandez Reveals If She’s Jealous Of Cardi B + Lashes Out At Mona-Scott Young: Some People Need To Be Visited By Human Resources [WATCH]

Before there was a Cardi B on “Love & Hip Hop”, there was a Joseline Hernandez.

Joseline Hernandez starred in the first six seasons of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta”, and when she was on her way out, Cardi B starred on “Love & Hip Hop: New York’s” sixth and seventh seasons.

The franchise was a launching pad for Grammy-Award winner Cardi B, but Joseline Hernandez alluded to having no ill will about Cardi Bs success.

During an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” Friday (Jan. 10), Wendy Williams asked Joseline Hernandez, if Cardi B has the career she was supposed to have, pointing out:

“We knew you before we knew Cardi B. It’s no shade, I like Cardi! But Cardi B managed to get on that reality show, she stuck and move, she came off and now she’s the biggest thing going. That was supposed to be yours.”

Joseline answered by referencing her new reality show “Joseline’s Cabaret” that shows her running her own strip club. She said,

“With the cabaret, I’m the creator, I’m the producer and the owner… I think that it’s been a lot of girls that came and went and that are still here. So I feel like when you put your passion towards something that you really want, is what you’re gonna get. So for me, doing ‘Joseline’s Carabet’ is everything I want and more.”

Along with “Joseline’s Cabaret”, theJasmineBRAND broke the story that Joseline was making her return to “Love & Hip Hop” after being MIA from the show since 2017.

While she’s starring in this season of “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” she’s still clearly not a fan of executive producer Mona Scott-Young. She previously called out Mona Scott-Young on social media for allegedly firing half the cast.

When Wendy Williams asked where she and Mona Scott-Young are now, Joseline responded:

“I feel like some people definitely should be visited by Human Resources. I feel like some people should be visited by Human Resources!”

She continued,

“Here’s the thing, I’ve came from the streets, I’ve raised myself since I was 14. What I have, she could never get. She’s a talent scout. I am an owner. See, when you own something, like Joseline’s Cabaret, and when you go talent searching, it’s two different things. It’s always gonna be that wall. I was able to bypass her, and that’s what she never liked.”

Joseline went on to say she executive produced her daughter’s VH1 birthing special herself, which she said is what started the tension between her and Mona Scott-Young.

“I got credits. I executive produced my daughter’s special, [Mona] wanted to be an executive producer, and that’s when her relationship with me kind of went to the left because she knew I was gonna turn myself into a boss, and when I was done with her and everybody else I would own VH1. That’s what people don’t like.”

See her comments about Mona Scott-Young at the 9:30 mark.

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