Cardi B On Women In Hip-Hop: “I didn’t pave the way, but I gave the hood hope!”

Cardi B On Women In Hip-Hop: “I didn’t pave the way, but I gave the hood hope!”

Grammy-award winning rapper Cardi B has been setting the entire music industry on fire since the release of her debut single, “Bodak Yellow.” She has since broken Billboard records, and even starred in her first feature film, “Hustlers” alongside Jennifer Lopez.

In her latest Twitter rant, Cardi acknowledges that she wasn’t the first woman to take hip-hop by storm, but says she should receive her just due for making it cool for male rappers to collaborate with femcees. She said:

“I didn’t say I pave the way for female rappers but I deff gave the hood and women hope.Nikkas wasn’t collabing with females rappers.Labels where signing female rappers and putting them in a shelf and not focusing on them.Not giving them proper attention…It seem like it was impossible for it to be more then one female rapper.These male rappers where not even takin Money from female rappers for a feature cause it seem far fetch for another woman to make it.I see so many male artists collabing wit females now even ..”

Cardi believes that her success have given both fellow female rappers and record label executives the confidence to give other women a chance.

“And ya can deny it as much as ya want and say I’m crazy or stfuu but how many female rappers before me where getting chances or getting pushed ? They wasn’t believing and now they are !…I’m Lying ? So you tell me what rappers was giving features to female rappers? What label was pushing a female rapper? What tv music show was inviting female rappers .Only 2 female rappers for years and one ain’t last to long ……now you tell me! I wanna see something?”

Kulture‘s mommy stood her ground when social media users debated her point.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay