Wendy Williams Donates Scholarship To Exotic Dancer Who Dangerously Fell Off Pole & Broke Her Jaw [VIDEO]

Wendy Williams Donates Scholarship To Exotic Dancer Who Dangerously Fell Off Pole & Broke Her Jaw [VIDEO]

Daytime talk host Wendy Williams recently invited Dallas, Texas viral exotic dancer, Genea Sky to her infamous purple chair on Friday’s (Feb. 14th) show. During their interview, Sky opened up about how she dangerously fell from the pool, injuring herself.

“I felt myself falling before I actually fell, and I knew I couldn’t save it. So I was prepared to pass out and when I didn’t, and I was like, ‘oh crap’ I’m still here.”

She added that most of her injuries suffered included broken teeth and her jaw. However, recovering without a scratch, she says all injuries were internal,

All of my injuries are internal. On this side, it broke on the inside of my gums and the bone popped out. And then, on this side, it broke under my joint. But, it’s on the inside, so you can’t see the injury. It’s there.”

The 24-year-old says she’s received an overwhelming amount of support but with any viral moment comes the dark moments from those who look down on her job as a dancer.

“As a dancer we get dehumanized a lot of times. I’ve had people in my DM’s tell me I should have died.”

Sky also takes her nasty fall with an optimistic outlook on her life.

“There is something I really, really, really wanted to say, if anything at all. I’m taking this as a blessing. I’ve been praying to get out of this strip club for a very long time.”

She also revealed that the general manager of the strip club has since reached out to her to help with her medical bills. And while she is uncertain how much help she will receive from the club, as of Friday afternoon, her GoFundMe exceeded its’ $20,000 goal and has nearly doubled.

Sky was then surprised by Wendy with a $10,000 check to finish beauty school, and to continue with her new life.

See the interview below:

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Authored by: Gregory Molette