Boris Kodjoe Reveals His Secret To The Fountain Of Youth

Boris Kodjoe

Boris Kodjoe Reveals His Secret To The Fountain Of Youth

Actor Boris Kodjoe has been tantalizing his fans for almost 20 years now, courtesy of his good looks that seem to have gotten better with age. In a response to a social media post, Kodjoe revealed his secret to staying youthful—and the answer might surprise you.

Boris Kodjoe and his wife, fellow actor Nicole Ari Parker, are one of the most enduring and visually-striking couples in Hollywood. While many likely attribute Kodjoe’s natural good looks to good genes and benefitting from “black don’t crack,” the actor recently revealed that there is a secret to his fountain of youth, but it’s definitely not what many likely expect.

Responding to a fan’s comment on a recent photo he posted of himself on social media, clad in a suit and looking handsome as ever, Kodjoe revealed that what aids him in staying youthful is not some secret pill, potion or gym workout…instead it’s all about fulfillment.

The fan asked Kodjoe:

“Feel free to pass me that bottle of fountain of youth water you drinkin’ from brotha”

To which he responded:

“It’s called fulfillment brother, and it’s found deep inside your soul. But you know that already. I can tell.”


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Authored by: Danielle Jennings