Amanda Seales Says “She Tried It” After Journalist Asks About Her Butting Heads With Jeannie Mai [VIDEO]

Amanda Seales Says “She Tried It” After Journalist Asks About Her Butting Heads With Jeannie Mai [VIDEO]

Amanda Seales is the newest co-host on “The Real”, but she didn’t waste time completely gathering a journalist who suggested she and Jeannie Mai “bump heads.”

EXTRA host Jennifer Lahmers made an appearance on the daytime talk show to help celebrate its 1000th episode.

But things started to get awkward when she singled out Amanda Seales and said,

“It’s six seasons already! I mean not for you, ’cause you’re a newbie…And welcome by the way.”

Amanda Seales responded,

“I’ve been in this game a long time.”

It went even more left when Jennifer Lahmers said,

“I mean, you and Jeannie [Mai] have butted heads on a couple of different topics.”

Seales said,

“Have we? Stop.”

Lahmers said,

“It comes with the territory right?”

But Seales said she was actually wrong.

“No, that’s not the territory we’re coming from.”

Jeannie Mai then said “thank you” while touching Seales’s hand.

Seales continued,

“We’re not butting heads. I think it’s very, very important, especially at a table of diverse women, to very clearly delineate the difference between having a difference in opinion and butting heads. You’ll know when I’m butting heads. ‘Cause when I butt heads, there’s only gonna be one head standing. And as you can see, we’re still here.”

Loni Love also chimed in and said,

“I also think that as times change, our show has changed. We’ve gone from a show that was a lot of fluff and bubbly, and now we’re taking on topics, not only about ourselves, but what’s happening in the world. That’s why we brought on Amanda, because Amanda has a Master’s in African-American studies. But she’s also a great comedienne.”

Loni Love, Jeannie Mai

She added,

“You want to change, you want to refresh the show. So that’s what we did for season six and it’s been good… I like to say their spirited conversations. Sometimes I’m sitting at a table and I learn something.”

While the ladies seemed to jump to Seales’s defense, Lahmers said she had no regrets about how the conversation went down.

She took to her Instagram story and first wrote,

“Humble yourself”

She later added,

“I wouldn’t change a thing about the way I conducted that interview — addressing a topic that had made numerous headlines across multiple outlets. This is my job as a correspondent. I did not keep pressing once I got an answer and that is what I will say on the matter.”

Seales also shared the moment on Instagram with the caption,

“To Gather. She tried it. Don’t come for me unless I send for you. I am not hostile. I’m passionate. Happy Black History Month”

She added a ponytail being gathered at the end of the clip, along with a song where she’s singing

“N***as got me f***ed up”

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