Cardi B Reacts To Security Guard Who Sued Her For Assault: I Pray To God There’s Footage Of What Happened! 

Cardi B

Cardi B Reacts To Security Guard Who Sued Her For Assault: I Pray To God There’s Footage Of What Happened!

Cardi B is facing another lawsuit, and she’s not taking this one quietly. According to reports, a female security guard, Emani Ellis, filed a lawsuit in L.A. County Superior Court, alleging that Cardi B got physical with her while she was working in a Beverly Hills medical building. The alleged incident took place on Feb. 24, 2018. Cardi B was reportedly in the building for an appointment (at the time, she was four months pregnant with her and husband Offset’s daughter Kulture). 

Offset, Kulture

Emani Ellis said in court documents that Cardi B hit her in head, on her face, and other parts of her body. She also accused Cardi B of allegedly hurling racial slurs at her (the alleged victim says she’s African American).

Interestingly enough, witnesses who saw the alleged encounter said Cardi B was leaving the building with Emani Ellis allegedly started taking pictures and video of her. Cardi B asked her to stop (it was also pointed out that she hadn’t revealed her pregnancy yet).

The two ladies then allegedly started arguing and a building worker came out and tried to break things. Witnesses also say that Cardi B never hit her or insulted her with racial slurs. Still, Emani Ellis claims in the lawsuit that Cardi B

“then used her celebrity status to get [Ellis] fired from her job as a security guard.”

But a representative for the medical building said it was Cardi’s physician and the patient coordinator who pulled the plug on Emani Ellis because they were convinced she violated Cardi’s privacy. They also said Cardi gave them the green light to publicize that bit of information.

Cardi B

Meanwhile, Ellis is suing for assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress.

The “Press” rapper took to Twitter to respond to the reports.

She wrote Friday (Feb. 21),

“Why don’t you guys post the part where the doctor office said that that’s not what happen ?and if I assaulted why she didn’t press charges ? Why would I put my hands on some1 twice my size by myself while I’m experiencing sharp pain 4 months pregnant ?”
She went on to post, and then delete, a series of tweets that shared her side of what happened.
She wrote,
“Then she suing me claiming I used racial slurs because people been trying to push that narrative on me for the part 2 years …mind you this is the girl who suing me ..Lighther then me & look Latin American ..Give me a f***in break !”
She also responded to a social media user who told her she should wait to share her side in court because her tweets aren’t “helping.”
“It’s not but she claiming that I was saying racial slurs to her because she is African American trying to imply I was being colorist mind you the nurse the staff that separated us said it was not true.”

Cardi B

She then posted a screenshot of the article that shared the witness’s side of what happened and wrote,

“BOOM ALL RIGHT THERE ,and the fact that out of all the staff the one that made the statement was the nurse that got in between and is a BLACK WOMAN but people get online pick on what’s popular to use against cardi and run with it.I PRAY TO GOD THERES footage of wat happen dat day”

She ended with,

“FACTS LIKE…..why she didn’t press charges? They where people there and all that to make your charges facts but since they not she couldn’t now 2 years later she wanba come wit the bulls***”

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