R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says Singer & Drea Kelly Are In Divorce Court ‘To See If She’s Getting Locked Up For Her Allegations’

Drea Kelly, R.Kelly

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Reveals Singer & Drea Kelly Are In Divorce Court ‘To See If She’s Getting Locked Up For Her Allegations’

Could Drea Kelly go to jail for her claims against R. Kelly? 

The dancer and ex-wife of the disgraced R&B singer was in court Tuesday (Feb. 25), for her accusations against him, according to his lawyer, Steve Greenberg. 

He revealed on Twitter,

“#RKelly in divorce court this morning to see whether Drea is going to get locked up for her allegations”
Drea Kelly has been quiet on social media amid the reported divorce court proceeding.
It’s not clear what allegations he’s referring to, but she’s been vocal in the past about R. Kelly allegedly being physically, emotionally, verbally and mentally abusive against her.
She participated in the first installment of the four-part series Surviving R. Kelly on Lifetime last year.

Last July, he suggested Drea Kelly be sent to jail for

“appearing on countless media outlets disparaging Robert Kelly and making accusations and charges involving Robert.”

He alleged her appearances were a violation of a confidentiality agreement signed at the time of their divorce.

Steve Greenberg also had a few words for Drea Kelly amid her and the singer’s child support battle concerning their three children together.

He wrote,

“Andrea Kelly’s media blitz is beyond offensive. Her accusations are entirely false. Her suggestion that R.Kelly work at a fast food joint to pay her is nonsensical. She has been paid, in advance. Here’s an idea, instead of free loading, get a job!”

At that time, he reportedly owed $32,000 in back child support. He was arrested last February for owing more than $160,000 and was later released on bail.

Still, he’s back in jail now for several charges including child pornography.

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