Tory Lanez Gained 2.2 Million New Followers In Less Than 30 Days

Tory Lanez

Tory Lanez Gained 2.2 Million New Followers In Less Than 30 Days

Tory Lanez’s Quarantine Radio on Instagram Live is bringing the rapper success in more ways than one.

He confirmed one fan’s stats that his follower numbers have gone up by 2.2 million within the last month. And his YouTube subscribers have nearly doubled with a 90% increase.

He’s also brought in more monthly listeners on Spotify than other major artists like Meek Mill. 

The fan, who goes by @iamnoahmiller on Twitter, also spoke on the latest numbers of Tory Lane’s release “new Toronto 3” and “‘L for Tory Lanez.'”

Tory Lanez co-signed and wrote,

 “I don’t know who this “Noah Miller” guy is … but he speaking facts . Just for insight #TheNewToronto3 is a mixtape .. and those are my first day predictions which can fluctuate thru out the week .. when chixtape 5 dropped they projected 48-55k units .. it later that week had 90 MILLION streams and sold 86,000 units … DOWNLOAD #TheNewToronto3 ON ALL PLATFORMS NOW … love it’s about good music . Not competition”

These numbers come just after Tory Lanez broke the record for the most views on an Instagram Live when one of his Quarantine Radio sessions had 310,000 views.

Stars like DMX, Justin Bieber, and more have been featured on it.

At one point, it was shut down because of the explicit content. 

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